We make the Internet of Things more secure

We leverage our engineering skills to provide the highest-quality cryptographic code for massive IoT applications. Such applications are based on very resource-constrained – i.e., low-cost – microcontrollers. We believe that low-cost hardware should not - and need not - mean low security. To prove it, we have created the fastest and smallest cryptography library for microcontrollers that also provides side-channel resistance. This is our contribution to making the IoT more secure, and is our focus today.

Our company Oberon microsystems is based in Zurich, Switzerland. We have helped our customers develop unique, state-of-the-art Internet of Things products for longer than that term even exists: from huge Internet-connected hydropower plants to tiny Internet-connected hearing aids. As one example of our past work: we are the initial contributor to Apple's HomeKit ADK:

For more information on our company, see the company Web site.