Ease of use

To make development as easy as possible, the ocrypto API is simple and identical across all platforms.

Configuration is simple. Just answer these two questions:

  1. Which instruction set architecture are you targeting? For example, the one of a Cortex-M4F processor core. This determines which assembly files to use.
  2. Does your processor core access data through a data cache? Set the one (!) build option of ocrypto correspondingly.

Only these two configuration decisions are needed. No complex configuration space to navigate, no suboptimal runtime behavior because of inadvertent misconfiguration!

Management of the code is simple:

  • The code has no dependencies on other software or on special hardware, only on the chosen instruction set architecture.
  • The code does not contain any assertions/panics that would need to be handled by the device firmware.
  • No open source disclosure is required.